EU Al'Akir – Horde Guild

Recruitment Is Open!

Hi guys,

Welcome to Unknown Degree’s website, if you would like to apply to our World of Warcraft guild then head over to the forums, the link is at the top of the page.¬†Once on the forum, click sign up in the top right, you can login with Facebook and Twitter accounts to to make this signup process even easier.

Once signed up make your way to the World of Warcraft forum, then enter the applications forum. In there, there is an application template from which you can base your application from. We want to have all of the information in that template and more that you see fit to include.

Our recruitment is also displayed on the homepage of the website, however if your class / spec is not open for recruitment then don’t worry,¬†exceptional¬†applications are always looked at but may not be as successful, keep checking back regularly though and it might have changed!

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