EU Al'Akir – Horde Guild


Welcome to the Unknown Degree website.

Soon, we shall be recruiting to form our Cataclysm raiding team. If you are here to be recruited, you will need to /w us in game because the website is still being developed as we speak. To find us in-game, whisper Tsútey, Ryuben, Rhysér or Fipp and we’ll see if we can arrange a chat on teamspeak. ;)

For our existing members however, we hope that this website shall soon serve as a great resource for our members. We are encouraging everyone to be active on this website when it is complete and hopefully we’ll get a nice community started! We have some very experienced members and are hoping to gain more soon.

For more information, either whisper the names above or check back when the website is complete and we should have more information here then.

– Overseer

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